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By: Alvin S.Berger

Charles Barlow was used to his routine detective work when a woman entered his office and made his life very complicated. She suspected her husband had many extracurricular adventures, and pressed Charles to check him out. That led to his connecting with many politicians who tried to line their pockets with ill-gotten gains by selling military items to unscrupulous entities all over the world. The possible sale of an AI device which allowed the transfer of its information to humans became the central part of a the story. Certain members of the political elite committed murder to try to protect their devious schemes and their own freedom. Patriotic individuals revealed secrets to the authorities to help bring the culprits to justice. The corruption in Washington seeped into every facet of life to the detriment of all of its citizens.



I attended Weaver high school in Hartford, CT, and then went to the University of Connecticut. In 1954 I joined the U.S, Army and played in the 32nd  Army military band in England. I was  an alto saxophone player. We did concerts in many cities as well as television shows. After my release from the service I attended Temple University Dental School and graduated in 1961.

I opened my practice in North Haven , CT. I wanted to learn more about all phases of dentistry, so I became a member the Council on Continuing Education. From that tine on I took one course a month until I retired in 2000.


Dr. Alvin Berger is a retired dentist who has previously written one book called Adama: A Mind of Her Own. He began writing at age eighty-one after he wrote a beautiful note to his significant other, Vera Getz. She urged him to continue to write. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida, during the winter and in Kirkland, Washington, during the summer with Vera.